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The legendary, highly alcoholic Absinthe was in the past a favorite drink of the world's poets and artists. Van Gogh and Paul Verlain defended her as their muse. Originally, however, it was a drink that was first prepared around 1792 in Switzerland, as a so-called "panacea"! But its popularity and consumption grew very soon so much that Absinthe threatened the profits of French winemakers, and they supported the implementation of "laboratory tests", which, in accordance with their interests, labeled the popular drink as a drug driving consumers crazy. For almost 100 years, Absinthe was banned in the vast majority of countries. However, modern tests have clearly proven that if Absinthe is given in reasonable quantities, the thujone contained in it cannot be harmful in any way. That is why today this alcoholic drink is literally experiencing its rebirth and we should pay attention only to its higher alcohol content.

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