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About us

Euphoria Trade

Under our brand ‘EUPHORIA’ we have created many successful products including cannabis food, absinths, cannabis vodkas, and beverages. Our philosophy is simple: to offer the best products with the best design for the best price at our best customer service and to be the best on the market. And we have been managing our philosophy for over the years quite well.

We specialize in extraordinary products such as:
Absinth - which was banned for over a century, because of its main herb - wormwood;
Food and beverages with cannabis - the most magical herb of nature, which is finally being legalized in many countries;
Cocaine vodka - vodka with real coca leaves extract from Peru.

We want to let people to taste the freedom! Our absinths and cannabis products are the best-selling products in their highly competitive market, in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. We export our products to over 10 countries in EU such as: the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland etc. Becoming our distributor, you will be part of our fast-growing, led-by-passion company EUPHORIA TRADE!