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Euphoria THC-JD Disposable Vape Pen Watermelon OG - THC-JD (Tetrahydrocannabioctyl)

The EUPHORIA DISPOSABLE VAPE PEN Watermelon OG is a top-of-the-range disposable vaporizer pen that guarantees not only first-class vapor flow, but also a completely extraordinary enjoyment. This is because it is filled with 2 ml and 90% THC-JD extract, complemented by the sweet and sour fruity to earthy aromas of the popular Amnesia variety. This THC-JD vape pen will provide over 600 puffs. Designed for aromatherapy. Please check your country legality of these compounds before importing.

Mã số: 575-3
EAN: 8594196139016
cân nặng: 28 g / máy tính
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