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Euphoria 5% CBN Oil - full spectrum Cannabinol oil

Cannabinol (CBN) is one of the rarest cannabinoids in cannabis because it is found in small amounts in plants and is not easy to isolate. It is not psychotropic and is a completely legal substance. Like most cannabinoids, CBN acts more intensely in a compound than as an isolated element, which is why a 3% extract of CBD and other minor cannabinoids has been added to full-spectrum CBN oil or CBN drops Euphoria. Designed for aromatherapy.

Code: 656-5
EAN: 8594196133083
Brutto weight: 41 g / pc
Cannabinoids Content: 5% of CBN + 3% CBD + <1% minor Cannabinoids
THC Content: <0,2%
Netto weight: 10 ml
Shelf life (maximum): 24 months
Box: 12
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