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Euphoria CBD E-liquid Lemon OG with 100 mg of CBD (Cannabidiol)

EUPHORIA CBD E-LIQUIDS are refills for electronic cigarettes and vape foams. This CBD e-liquid contains 10 ml of hemp extract with 100mg of CBD and a wide range of natural terpenes. The balanced PG/VG ratio ensures a great flavour delivery and plenty of vapour. The extract from the popular LEMON OG variety will provide an unmistakable aromatic experience. It does not contain nicotine or THC.

Code: 641-2
EAN: 8594196130556
Brutto weight: 10 g / pc
Cannabinoids Content: 100 mg CBD
Netto weight: 10 ml
Shelf life (maximum): 24 months
Box: 12
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