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cannaline Melatonin + CBD + CBN capsules x 45 pcs - Healthy & Deep Sleep

Introducing cannaline capsules infused with 5 mg of melatonin, 25 mg CBD, and 5 mg CBN! Why are they so amazing?

  •  Supports Healthy Sleep: Melatonin for a calm and restorative rest.
  •  Promotes Relaxation: CBD and CBN help soothe both mind and body.
  •  Synergy for Maximum Effect: The blend of these components for even better results.

1 packaging:

  • 45 capsules - 225 mg melatonin, 1125 mg CBD, 225 mg CBN

Please make sure you are allowed to import and market these kind of products before ordering.

Code: C0972
EAN: 8594200570972
Brutto weight: 39 g / pc
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