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White Label CBD Gummies with 25 mg of pure CBD

One of the most fun and convenient forms of taking cannabidiol (CBD) is through the delicious CBD GUMMIES chewy candies. These refreshing and juicy candies are made with only natural ingredients and offer many popular fruit and cannabis flavour combinations. They are always on hand, easy to carry, discreet and tasty, making them a good choice for people who use CBD regularly or want to try it for the first time. This item is sold without a label and is therefore suitable for creating your own products thanks to the optional bespoke labelling service. Included in the price: 15/30 pcs of CBD gelatin candies 150ml HDPE container with child resistant lid Available in 3 flavours: Peach Lemon Orange Contact us for a detailed offer and quantity discounts.
Code: 701-2-3-4
Brutto weight: 355 g / pc
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