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Euphoria 97% H4CBD Cartridge 1 ml - H4CBD (hydrogenated CBD)

Discover the exceptional quality of Euphoria 97% H4CBD Cartridge 1 ml, a premium product containing hemp extract (H4CBD) and natural terpenes. This highly concentrated oil offers unique properties. THC-free, with 97% H4CBD and natural terpenes Euphoria 97% H4CBD Cartridge 1 ml is THC <0.2%, which guarantees its legality in most countries. In addition, this product also contains natural terpenes that enhance H4CBD and add natural aroma. Important information on legality Please check the legality of the following substances before importing this product into your country. In the Czech Republic, these compounds are legal. Please note that if you choose the German version, excise duty will be added to the price of the product. Compatible with a wide range of vaporizers Euphoria the 97% H4CBD Cartridge is designed to be compatible with most commercially available vaporizers on the market. Its universal 510 thread makes it easy to connect to your favorite device, ensuring convenient and hassle-free use. It is suitable for aromatherapy Safety and quality guaranteed Manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality and safety standards Tested in laboratories to ensure purity and efficacy Contains no harmful chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals New product from a reputable brand Euphoria is a brand with a long tradition and emphasis on the quality of its products. Euphoria 97% H4CBD Cartridge 1 ml is a new product that meets all safety and quality requirements. Don't hesitate to discover its unique features and add it to your range today.

Code: 509-ONE
Brutto weight: 27 g / pc
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