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Euphoria Cannabis Energy Lollipops in Big Pack with cannabis flavour, caffeine and taurine

A hefty dose of energy and a sweet cannabis taste you'll love instantly? And in a big package? No problem for EUPHORIA CANNABIS ENERGY lollipops with caffeine and taurine! Juicy hemp lollipops that refresh like a Coke! These are EUPHORIA CANNABIS ENERGY LOLLIPOPS. Euphoria lollipops are not ordinary! Inside is not only the wonderful taste of cannabis, but also caffeine and taurine, so you can look forward to a real energy boost.

Code: 850
EAN: 8594196130341
Brutto weight: 2700 g / pc
Netto weight: 2400
Shelf life (maximum): 24 months
Master carton: 4
Box: 1
Layer: 32
Pallet: 192
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