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Cannabis Airlines Cannabis Cookies – MANGO KUSH Jar with hemp protein

CANNABIS AIRLINES COOKIES MANGO KUSH JAR will convince you that sweet mango goes surprisingly well with the taste of aromatic cannabis! These super tasty high-fibre biscuits with hemp protein have been lovingly baked using only the finest traditional ingredients such as wholemeal flour and cane sugar. Hemp protein also has a great nutritional profile, containing essential amino acids, minerals, healthy fats and fibre to help fight fatigue. This makes CANNABIS AIRLINES COOKIES the perfect healthy snack that will satisfy even your sweet tooth.
Code: 0217
EAN: 8594200570217
Brutto weight: 600 g / pc
Netto weight: 400
Shelf life (maximum): 12 months
Master carton: 6
Box: 1
Layer: 42
Pallet: 252
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